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Mentor to Practitioners Worldwide. B.A, P.G.C.E

I have always been interested in helping others to help themselves. Having been a teacher in a Secondary school for 20 years and at the same time working as a Samaritan volunteer for over 25 years, I attended a seminar for spiritual growth in 2013. After listening to many presentations over that weekend, I found the one given by Dr Eric Pearl truly inspiring; I watched his demonstration of Reconnective Healing, and that nailed it for me

Immediately I saw it as an opportunity to help others as well as heal myself in much more profound as well as subtle ways. As I read Dr Pearl’s book, my body reacted well before reaching the last page. Later I had Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection before completing the Level 1 and 2 Practitioner’s course in London.

During one of my first healing sessions, I experienced a strange feeling connected to my eyes, like an internal buzz. I had been having trouble with them for years, and have been under the care of the country’s top eye specialists at Moorfields. A few months earlier I had a major operation followed by numerous changes of eye drops. After that experience I visited the eye specialist and was told that my condition had settled and indeed improved, I would have no need for a change of eyedrops, something which was happening frequently as they searched for a cure using conventional medicine. Personal experience went a long way in motivating me towards developing my skills as a Practitioner

I then decided to do the Level 3 Practitioner’s course in Portugal, a course allowing me to offer The Reconnection® to clients and a more powerful aspect of the whole Reconnection Healing frequencies spectrum.

Since working as a Practitioner, many of my clients have had miraculous healings, some immediate, some taking a bit of time. One client had the Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® and avoided a major operation to his knee as pain reduced considerably making major surgery unnecessary. Another lady was having trouble walking as bones in her feet were turning inwards making walking more and more difficult. Additionally, kidney deterioration was becoming more acute and doctors were recommending major conventional treatment. She saw me and both areas of concern disappeared over a few weeks thus avoiding major surgery and kidney dialysis. A Reiki master came to experience my services, out of curiosity, and found that a shoulder pain that she had suffered from for years had disappeared after two sessions. I always tell my clients that it is not me doing the healing, I am merely a facilitator, fortunate enough to be in a position to serve using the gifts of the Universe.

It depends solely on what the Universe decides you need rather than what you want. The new frequencies are giving the Earth and its inhabitants new and faster ways to evolve; this is an excellent opportunity for self-improvement, via Universal light.

Love and light


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